11+ Mock Exams - Introduction

We provide 11+ Mock Exams Online and in Classroom environments. Pupils who sit our mock exams are at a huge advantage in the real thing. The format and questions are very similar and we have often predicted, correctly, some actual 11+ sections. 

Each section is separately timed and, just like the real thing, in hall exams, an audio soundtrack gives instructions and timings. Pupils mark answers on separate answer sheets which are scanned. In online mocks answers can be completed on screen and sections can be repeated in the future. Marks and feedback are immediate.

You will receive a full breakdown of each section with advice on how to improve. Your marks are compared to 150+ other pupils who have sat the same exam. It will be clear what your child's strengths are and also where they need to focus in the future.

Each mock is based on the CEM style of 11+ exams. There are 2 exams each with separate timed sections of:

  • English Verbal Reasoning
  • English Comprehension
  • Maths
  • Non Verbal Reasoning/Spatial

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Online mocks are a fantastic way to keep ahead in these difficult times, and we'll be maintaining this service as a permanent option!

Our Mocks are CEM* Style exams as used by

  • Torbay Grammars/Colyton
  • Warwickshire/Birmingham
  • Slough Consortium
  • Trafford Consortium
  • Bexley.


*These exams have been written by us over the years and are not endorsed by CEM who state they publish no practice materials.

We are now providing classroom-based exams and adhering strcitly to the 2m+ rule.

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