11+ Mock Exams - Classroom-based

While our online exam system will be maintained as a permanent option, we will be providing classroom-based exams after the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

How many should I do?

The best results in 2019 were from pupils who sat at least one mock per month from March to September. Starting early (March) means you can spot weaknesses and work on them. A monthly mock allows you to check progress regularly. More topics are covered and pupils will be exposed to different sections both familiar and unusual.

These mock exams must be taken under our supervision and are not available by post or email.

*CEM state that they DO NOT publish practice materials or test papers other than brief familiarisation sheets. Our mocks are in the style of the CEM using materials as close as possible to the real thing.


You can cancel up to a calendar month before the exam. After that your papers will have been personally printed and I will have to charge £8 for printing and admin.

If your child is sick on the day we will always try to move them to the next exam - but you MUST let us know before the start time of the exam.

For each classroom exam, instructions will be emailed on the Monday before each exam. 

Strict adherence to COVID-19 guidance will be in place. It is imperative that the guidelines are followed by all attendees so that all parents, children and staff can be confident that the  venue is kept as safe as possible throughout.  

St Matthias Church Centre

Cost: £40.00 per sitting (this includes 2 exams on Saturday, full feedback, anonymous statistical comparison of all candidates and paper returns)

Saturday mocks: (2 hours 10 minutes: 2 exams, 1 break):

CEM* paper 1
CEM* paper 2

There are 2 sittings:
1. Morning (3 separate sessions)
Staggered start times from 8.45 - 9.30am
2. Afternoon (3 separate sessions)
Staggered start times from 12.45 - 1.30pm

On each Saturday the session will last for approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. There is a short toilet break between exams. 

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