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Online mocks are a fantastic way to keep ahead in these difficult times!

  • Each Mock Set is 2 full CEM* style exams (45 mins x 2)
  • Each exam has 4/5 sections of Maths, English, NVR and VR
  • Each section has a countdown timer
  • Immediate results chart explaining how to improve
  • High/low and average statistics for comparison
  • Section return - you can go back and redo any sections later, as often as you like!

Highest mark Average mark Lowest mark
11+ CEM Style MOCK Set B
98.33% 71.28% 34.83%
11+ CEM Syle MOCK Set A
98.31% 71.05% 21.35%

User feedback about our online Mock Exams...

"It’s brilliant! It’s a great alternative in the circumstances! Thank you"

“(My son) really enjoyed doing the test. I was amazed. We can easily see what he needs to work on... TIMINGS! Many thanks!”

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*CEM state they do not release any materials and these mocks are not endorsed by them in any way. 

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